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Další novinka je především pro anglicky mluvící, budu se snažit o překlad co nejdříve…. Holly Sorensen mluví o přípravách, natáčení i o nadcházejících epizodách.

I can’t believe we are in prep for episode one of the new season! For the last six weeks the writers and I have been locked in a room inside the head of every single character in the show. We start every season by thinking about where is this character right now, in their life? And there is lots of thinking and discussing and occasional fighting about what really comes next for everybody in this world. I have to say, it’s not all that hard because the characters are so real to us, and their journeys are all so clear. And were all starting this season thinking it’s going to be the best for this show, ever.

The cast have all been coming to the set for costume fittings. I was so excited to see Josie (Kaylie) and Cassie (Lauren) this week, looking great. When you’re an actress playing a gymnast, you don’t get to lay around much on vacation- you’re working out. Our gymnastics coordinator has them back in the gym, hard core, already. And we have some fantastic gymnasts this year too. Were thrilled that National Champ and Olympic medalist Courtney Kupets, who did some of the stunts in our finale episode, is joining us for more work this season.

If you’re wondering how life has changed for the Rock girls after their big meet against China, if Emily gets her scholarship back, what’s up with Kaylie, Lauren and Carter and if Emily will ever see Damon again, you will not want to miss our big premiere episode, June 28. And yes, to answer the question I get most often, were on at 10:00 this season. YES! TEN! OCLOCK! We know its summer and everyone is up later. As we get closer and closer to the Olympic dream, things get more and more intense! Stay tuned for more updates, and in the meanwhile, follow me on twitter @HollySMIOBI.


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